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Stay Compliant by Keeping Your Dealership
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Lease Buyout Checkbox Helps Minimize Your
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Quick Tips

Keeping up with DMV guidelines and procedures can be challenging. We'll help you stay compliant. Take a look below at one of this month's more relevant issues:

Stay Compliant by Keeping Your Dealership Floorplan Up-to-Date

As a second-line service provider participating in the BPA program, you are required to have a dealership floorplan on record with the DMV. The floorplan must identify the locations of the following at your dealership:

If there are any changes to the above, you need to submit an updated floorplan along with an Application for Changes (REG 4026) to DMVdesk and we will ensure it is filed with the DMV. For example, if one of your eFilers moves to a new desk at your dealership, you should complete a REG 4026 by checking the box labeled "Change of floorplan and/or adding a terminal" and providing the details. In addition to the REG 4026, you must also submit the following documents:

DMVdesk News

Sharpen your knowledge of DMVdesk for a smoother user experience.

Lease Buyout Checkbox Helps Minimize Your Error Rate

DMVdesk's new Lease Buyout checkbox for used car transfers helps you avoid making a critical error and remain DMV compliant.

When you are processing a lease buyout for a vehicle, it is important to remember that the VLF class must remain unchanged for this vehicle. Reclassifying a lease buyout is considered a critical error by BPA. These types of mistakes raise your dealership's error rate, which must not exceed 3 percent to stay DMV compliant.

Fortunately, DMVdesk now has a checkbox to remind you. By checking this box, the program will automatically select "TRANSFER FROM LESSOR TO LESSEE, NO TAXES DUE" from the dropdown menu under the Use Tax Reclass field in the Transfer Information section of the eFile page. This selection ensures the VLF class does not change. The Lease Buyout checkbox is displayed only if the previous owner shows "LSR" after his or her name.

  1. The Lease Buyout checkbox appears just above the Use Tax Reclass field

  1. When it is checked, DMVdesk automatically selects "TRANSFER FROM LESSOR TO LESSEE, NO TAXES DUE" from the dropdown menu under the Use Tax Reclass field

By taking advantage of DMVdesk's many features, you can help ensure seamless, accurate and compliant transactions.

RMP Corner


Upcoming Registration Management Professional (RMP) Training Courses

RMP is the most comprehensive vehicle registration training program in California. RMP workshops are designed to enable individuals in the dealership industry to learn through real-life examples and group exercises. Individuals leave with a wealth of knowledge, feeling confident and prepared.

In 2016, RMP is excited to offer an expanded curriculum, including our new DMVdesk eFile Quick Tips course. This three-hour class, offered exclusively to our clients at no charge, will update you on eFiling, shortcuts within DMVdesk and any Department of Motor Vehicles updates.

RMP offers full and partial scholarships. Contact Valerie Gonzalez, RMP Coordinator, at (818) 706-1949, ext. 7019 or, or your DMVdesk Account Executive.

February 2016

REG 101D
Introduction to DMV Processing

New Vehicle Processing

  • Costa Mesa, Tuesday, February 9
  • San Diego, Wednesday, February 10
  • Los Angeles, Thursday, February 11
  • Fresno, Tuesday, February 16
  • San Bernardino, Thursday, February 18
  • Santa Maria, Thursday, February 18
  • Oxnard, Monday, February 22
  • Pleasant Hill, Tuesday, February 23
  • San Jose, Wednesday, February 24
  • Sacramento, Thursday, February 25

March 2016

REG 201D
Fundamentals of Registration and Titling

Used Vehicle Processing

  • Los Angeles, Tuesday, March 8
  • San Diego, Wednesday, March 9
  • Costa Mesa, Thursday, March 10
  • Fresno, Tuesday, March 15
  • Oxnard, Wednesday, March 16
  • Santa Maria, Thursday, March 17
  • Pleasant Hill, Tuesday, March 22
  • San Jose, Wednesday, March 23
  • Sacramento, Thursday, March 24
  • San Bernardino, Tuesday, March 29

February 2016

DMVdesk eFile Quick Tips

  • Sacramento, Monday, February 8
  • Pleasant Hill, Tuesday, February 9
  • San Jose, Wednesday, February 10
  • Woodland Hills, Friday, February 12
  • Fresno, Wednesday, February 17
  • Costa Mesa, Tuesday, February 23
  • San Diego, Wednesday, February 24
  • Los Angeles, Thursday, February 25
  • San Bernardino, Friday, February 26

April 2016

REG 301
Processing Specialized Transactions

Advanced Procedures

  • Santa Maria, Tuesday, April 12
  • Oxnard, Wednesday, April 13
  • San Bernardino, Thursday, April 14
  • Pleasant Hill, Tuesday, April 19
  • San Jose, Wednesday, April 20
  • Sacramento, Thursday, April 21
  • Los Angeles, Friday, April 22
  • San Diego, Tuesday, April 26
  • Costa Mesa, Wednesday, April 27
  • Fresno, Friday, April 29

Visit the RMP School website for a listing of course dates, times and locations, and to register. Class offerings are subject to change.

Fun Facts Contest

Send in Your Answer to Win a Prize

What is the required body-type model for a pickup truck with an unladen weight greater than 8,001 lbs. and whose GVWR is equal to or greater than 11,500 lbs.?

  1. PK
  2. VA
  3. PC
  4. 3C

Please email your response to, along with your name and contact information. We will randomly select three winners from among the correct entries. Each winner will receive a
$25 gift card.

Submit your response no later than January 31, 2016. Winners will be notified by February 12, 2016. Please limit responses to one email per person.

December's Question

The correct answer is bolded.

Which of the following statements about Vehicle Registration Inquiry (KSR) reports is true?

  1. A KSR report may be shared with individuals and dealerships outside the company
  2. The KSR logs must be maintained for a period of at least two years and kept on file at the business location
  3. A company or individual may run KSR reports for any personal reason
  4. All of the above

Congratulations to the following three winners of December's Fun Fact Contest!:

  1. Mikeala Mercado
  2. Tracy Negrete
  3. Patty Salazar

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